GainSpan selects IAR Embedded Workbench as primary development tool chain for MCU Drivers

March 28, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
GainSpan, a leader in low power Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi connectivity for the internet of things, has selected IAR Embedded Workbench for its next generation Wi-Fi chip currently in development.

The company has standardized on IAR Systems tool chain as the primary development tool in the development and integration of MCU drivers for their Wi-Fi chips and modules.

GainSpan offers a range of chip, modules, development kits and software to enable developers to easily add Wi-Fi connectivity to embedded devices for healthcare and fitness, smart energy, home automation and industrial/commercial control. By standardizing on IAR Systems’ embedded software development tool chain, GainSpan will more easily support a wide range of MCUs to communicate with their modules.

Several drivers have already been developed using IAR Systems tool chain to support, Renesas’ RL78, RX62, V850,78K0/78K0R, and popular 8/16-bit and 32-bit ARM based microcontrollers.

Traditionally, module vendors have had to manually write a myriad of drivers to support each MCU across multiple tool chains. The investment required to port and maintain driver code in this way has restricted market reach by limiting the number of different customers and applications a vendor can support.

By standardizing on the IAR Systems tool chain, portability of driver code is managed through the development tools. New processors can be supported quickly and seamlessly, giving developers greater choice and flexibility in their MCU selection as well as freeing both vendors and their customers from having to maintain multiple versions of low-level driver code.

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