Flexible aluminium battery charges in seconds

December 29, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Researchers in China have developed a high performance flexible aluminium battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds.

Aluminium batteries have been held back by the performance of the cathode, so the team at Zhejiang University have used a new form of graphene to create an aluminum-graphene battery (Al-GB). This has a long cycle life with over 91% retention after 250,000 cycles, a high energy capacity of 111 mAh/g, a wide temperature range of −40° to 120°C and unique flexibility.

They developed a “trihigh tricontinuous (3H3C) design” to achieve the ideal graphene film (GF-HC) cathode with excellent electrochemical performances using ordered assembling of graphene liquid crystal.

This created a cathode with a high specific capacity of around 120 mAh/g at ultrahigh current density of 400 A/g and charges in 1.1 s with 91.7% retention after 250,000 cycles. The aluminium substrate allows a high level of flexibility for wearable applicaitons, suporting 10,000 folding operations with no risk of short-circuits. This opens up the potential for all-climate wearable 'super-batteries', says the team.


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