First 100A surface mount fuse for compact designs

May 17, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
881 series 100A SMD fuse
Littelfuse has launched a series of UL-approved high current surface mount fuses that includes the industry's first 100A surface mount device.

Designed for applications that require both a compact footprint and protection from high current peaks, the Nano2 881 Series High Current SMD Fuses offer a single fuse solution up to 75VDC and are available in current ratings from 60A to 100A. This high current capability eliminates the need to parallel multiple lower-rated fuses or larger, over-specified industrial-type fuses. 

The 881 Series has minimal voltage drop and low temperature rise, which enhances power efficiency by optimizing thermal performance and minimizing power loss. With an operating range from -55°C to 100°C, the fuses are suitable for use in existing operating environments. A robust design enhances reliability and reduces susceptibility to temperature cycling and vibration effects.

Typical applications for the 881 Series in the data centre market include blade servers, server chassis, backplane boards and line cards. Additional applications in the power system market include uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), base station power supplies, high power battery systems and power factor correction (PFC) in high-wattage power supplies.

“The 881 Series Fuse offers circuit designers a single fuse alternative for higher current applications where board space is extremely limited,” said Daniel Wang, director, Global Product Management, Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Designers can conserve board space by replacing two parallel lower-rated fuses with just one 881 Series fuse.”

The combination of current ratings from 60A to 100A, a small footprint (12.5mm x 10mm) and low profile (6.8mm) makes the 881 Series suited to compact, single fuse solution for high current application requirements with interrupting rating at 1500A@75VDC. The fuses also have a a faster opening time at 200% overload current (60 seconds max) than other industry solutions (typically 120 seconds), to ensure protection against overload and short circuit events. 

The Nano2 881 Series Fuse is available in surface mount packages in 24mm tape and reel format in quantities of 500.

More information is available on the  Nano2 881 Series product page .


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