Dynapower teams with Samsung SDI on home energy systems

December 08, 2016 // By Nick Flaherty
Eager to put its problems with lithium batteries in mobile phones behind it, Samsung's SDI subsidiary has teamed up with Dynapower in the US on a new system for energy storage in the home and office.

The initial release of the system will be a 250 kW/550 kWh offering, with a 100 kW two-hour system to follow.

The move is signficant as Dynapower is the major supplier of inverters for Tesla's home Powerpacks, although Tesla is now moving to an integrated system with an inverter of its own design. With over 300 MW of energy storage inverters installed worldwide, Dynapower is the only inverter manufacturer to offer a complete line of energy storage inverters for utility scale (500 to 2200 kW), behind-the-meter (100 to 250 kW) and solar plus storage (100 to 500 kW) applications.  

The SDI integrated energy storage system provides energy storage system vendors, project developers, and utilities with a fully engineered solution that reduces costs for commercial and industrial end users in the deployment of energy storage. This line of systems will incorporate Dynapower’s second generation MPS inverters and SDI’s recently released E2 lithium ion battery packs.

The two companies have already worked together on energy storage systems including the Electrical Training Institute Net Zero Plus building microgrid and Duke Energy Notrees 36MW/14MWh ESS repower.

"We have worked alongside Samsung SDI for a number of years and are excited to take that collaborative effort to the next level with the introduction of an integrated energy storage solution,” said Adam M. Knudsen, President of Dynapower. “As the energy storage industry has rapidly evolved we have seen a clear demand from the market for engineered solutions that are flexible and proven. This is a solution customers can rely upon.”

“Together, Dynapower and Samsung SDI are well positioned to help expand market opportunities for our behind-the-meter storage customers by providing fully integrated engineering solutions,” said Fabrice Hudry Vice President Energy Storage Solutions at Samsung SDI. “Samsung SDI is the world leader in Li-ion battery technology, and specifically for stationary energy storage application, and