Dual power booster triples speed performance for semiconductor and flat-panel display test equipment

April 10, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Cirrus Logic Inc. is expanding the company’s versatile Apex Precision Power booster product family with a new dual-channel booster amplifier featuring a 1,000 V/µs slew rate and 1 MHz of power bandwidth.

The PB63 accelerates power booster performance 300 percent compared to the company’s previous industry benchmark power booster products.

By pairing the economical double booster PB63 with one or two low-cost op amps, semiconductor and flat-panel test equipment manufacturers can now realize a combination of improved test equipment efficiency and productivity – in a more cost-optimized solution compared to traditional high-voltage amplifiers.

The PB63 features voltage operation of ±20 V to ±75 V and continuous output current drive capability of up to 2 A and is designed to provide both voltage and current gain when paired with a small signal, general purpose operational amplifier. This approach allows the user to optimize the accuracy, off set, input noise and settling time of the composite circuit.

The dual-channel amplifier design of the PB63 provides added value for high density board designs, such as pattern generators in flat panel display inspection systems, deflection circuitry in semiconductor inspection systems, scientific scanning electron microscopes, piezoelectric drivers in printer heads for industrial ink jet printers, and programmable power supplies in semiconductor automated test equipment.

Availability and Pricing

The PB63 is packaged in a 12-pin PowerSIP that affords additional savings on valuable board space, with a footprint that measure less than 1.5 square inches. The device is available in sample quantities for evaluation and prototyping, as well as volume production and is priced at $128.94 in 1,000 quantities. An evaluation kit that includes a demo board is available.
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