DIN rail power supplies output 120W and 240W

November 24, 2016 // By Julien Happich
RECOM has added new DIN rail power supply series rated at 120W and 240W to its existing range, supporting brief peaks of 50% above rating, and allowing parallel connection to increase the output power available or for redundancy.

The two new versions operate at input voltages ranging from 85VAC to 264VAC for worldwide usage, and are equipped with an active PFC circuit for a power factor greater than 0.95. The REDIN120 series is available with output voltages of 12, 24 or 48VDC, while the more powerful REDIN240 series supplies 24 or 48VDC. The terminals are designed for wires of up to 4mm² cross-section.

Both power supplies are isolated at 3kVAC/1min between input and output, and are capable of very high efficiency values of up to 92.5% for REDIN120 and 94.3% for REDIN240. This does not only reduce power consumption, but also heat generation within the enclosed casing. The modules run at operating temperatures ranging from -25°C to +70°C with nominal output available up to +60°C, and switch off automatically to protect the system if the maximum permissible temperature is exceeded, or in case of overvoltage, overload and short-circuit. In addition to the standard red and green LED indicators, a floating relay contact generates a “power good” signal for either the power indicator on the control cabinet or as an error message to the PLC; several modules can be connected in series.

The new models feature a robust metal casing for back and side mounting on a DIN rail; side mounting is especially beneficial in switch cabinets with low installation depths. Both versions are 124.4mm in height and 114.5mm in depth. REDIN120 is extremely slim at 33mm, and REDIN240 is only marginally wider at 46mm.

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