Chip bead inductors target LED lighting power lines

December 12, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Taiyo Yuden has expanded its line-up of chip bead inductor FB series M type with the 4.5x3.2x3.2mm FBMH4532MM182PT, a noise suppression component for power-supply lines that carry a large current, such as AC-DC converters for home LED lighting.

The FB series M type chip bead inductors adopt a unique internal structure, which is optimized to have an impedance peak in the frequency range between 10–100MHz. Impedance is 1,800 Ω at a frequency of 10MHz and 10,000 Ω at a frequency of 30MHz. The new inductors promise to reduce the size and weight of AC-DC converters used in  home LED lighting.

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