Battery cooling techniques on show at electric car expo

March 15, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Electronics and thermal management materials company Parker Chomerics will present its latest heat management materials for battery cooling at Electric & Hybrid Europe in Germany next month, including a range of thermal gels.

The increasing popularity of electric and electric hybrid vehicles is creating more complex requirements that developers in the automotive electronics industry have to cope with. Efficient battery management is critical to the development of next-generation cars. Chomerics is active in the field of heat management and offers, among other things, Thermally conductive gels, gap fillers, insulators and phase change materials.

Chomerics is particularly focused on its heat-conducting gels, which are developed for fast automated processing (dispenser). The THERM-A-GAP gels are supplied as pre-cured or on-site curing compounds applied to heat generating components. They lead to a considerably lower mechanical load than other materials and offer a flexible solution when gaps or air gaps are present.

Thermal Filler Pads will also be presented at the trade fair. These have a cross-linked gel structure that provides high performance and long-term thermal stability. In addition to battery heat management, Chomerics is also presenting its range of protection devices against EMI / RFI (electromagnetic interference), environmental influences and heat development in automotive subsystems such as Control units (ECUs). In addition, a selection of profiles for the EMI shielding of rechargeable batteries is available.

The rising electronics content in vehicles also increases the requirements for EMI / RFI shielding and heat management. These must be addressed to ensure that electronic systems and modules work reliably in the harsh automotive environment typical of applications within vehicles.

Chomerics' electrically conductive plastic Premier PBT-225 will also be presented at the trade fair. This facilitates the conversion from metal to plastic housing in order to save weight and the costs during assembly and machining.

The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo takes place at Sindelfingen (Germany) from April 4th to 6th. (Chomerics is at Stand 404)

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