AEC-Q200 qualified low profile, high frequency current sense transformers

March 13, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Pulse Electronics Power has launched an AEC-Q200 qualified line of low profile, high frequency current sense transformers.

The PA1005.XXXQNL series offers a low-profile EE5 SMD package with a 5.5mm height and a frequency range of 50kHz to 1MHz. 

"The AEC-Q200 qualified PA1005.XXXQNL current sense transformer series is the latest addition of Pulse products for high reliability applications. Whether Automotive, Manufacturing, Industrial, or Energy Conversion, the use of Pulse AEC-Q200 products helps to reduce adoption risk, improve quality, and ultimately maximize the customer experience in any end application," said Geoffrey Wildman, Global Marketing Manager,at the Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit.

Expanding on existing Pulse products, the new AEC-Q200 qualified transformer is a high reliability product designed for on-board charging and DC/DC or DC/AC power supplies, allowing customers to maximize their designs using Pulse Electronics components.

The devices are available in T&R packaging with a production lead time of approximately six weeks, and samples are available upon request.