800V superjunction MOSFETs lower on resistance

January 23, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Toshiba Storage & Electronic Devices has launched a series of 800V super junction N-channel power MOSFETs for high efficiency power supplies with improved low on-resistance and high speed switching.

By using a super junction structure, the eight new MOSFETs of the DTMOS IV series see a 79% reduction in on-resistance per area (R ON x A) compared to Toshiba’s previous π-MOSVIII series, ranging from 290mΩ in a TO220SIS package up to 950mΩ in a standard TO220. 

The improved switching speed can also contribute to the efficiency of the power supply designs.

The MOSFETs are suited for use in industrial power supplies, standby power supply for servers, adaptors and chargers of notebook PCs and mobile devices, and in power supplies for LED lighting. Pats are available now. 


Main Specifications of the MOSFETs:




Absolute Maximum


@VGS=10 V


Qg typ.
@VDD≈640 V,
VGS=10 V,


@VDS=300 V,
VGS=0 V,
f=1 MHz


ID=10 mA



TK17A80W   TO-220SIS   800   17   0.29   32   2050[1]
TK12A80W   TO-220SIS   800   11.5   0.45   23   1400
TK10A80W   TO-220SIS   800   9.5   0.55   19   1150
TK7A80W   TO-220SIS   800   6.5   0.95   13   700
TK17E80W   TO-220   800   17   0.29   32   2050[1]
TK12E80W   TO-220   800   11.5   0.45   23   1400
TK10E80W   TO-220   800   9.5   0.55   19   1150
TK7E80W   TO-220   800   6.5   0.95   13   700

[1] Measurement condition f=100 kHz


For more information see toshiba.semicon-storage.com/ap-en/product/mosfet/hv-mosfet.html