40V/45V N-Channel MOSFETs with low On-Resistance

May 12, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
Toshiba 40V n-channel MOSFET IX-H series
Toshiba has expanded its U-MOS IX-H Series of low-voltage N-channel power MOSFETs with 40V and 45V devices with low on resistance.

The on-resistance is down to 1.4mΩ at 4.5V for the new MOSFETs which are designed for industrial and consumer applications, including high-efficiency DC-DC converters, high-efficiency AC-DC converters, power supplies and motor drives.

The MOSFETs use Toshiba's latest generation low-voltage trench structure U-MOS IX-H process to lower the performance index for the RDS(ON) * Qsw figure of merit, improving switching applications over the previous generation devices. Output loss is improved by the reduction of output charge, which can contribute to higher set efficiency. The cell structures in the devices are also optimised to suppress spike voltage and ringing during switching, which can lower the EMI.

The U-MOS IX-H Series is specifically designed for synchronous rectification applications, including the secondary side of isolated switching power supplies. It provides an improved Qoss performance, which is one of the main causes of power loss of synchronous rectification. The U-MOS IX-H Series also provides a low Ron x Qoss, the trade-off characteristics between on-resistance and Qoss drain-source charge). As Ron has a significant impact on Qoss, Toshiba will extend the U-MOS IX-H portfolio to include MOSFETs having ultra-low Ron in order to supplement its U-MOS VIII-H Series of MOSFETs.


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