1200V converter + inverter + brake power module

January 17, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Vincotech's flowIPM 1C CIB 1200V is a deeply integrated Intelligent Power Module for 1200V applications. Based on a CIB topology (converter + inverter + brake), the unit features three inverter gate drives, including a bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply. Each leg of the inverter provides current-limiting for circuit protection.

The current rating of this new intelligent power module housed in the new flow 1C housing is 14A at 80°C or 30A at 25°C heat sink temperature. The deeply integrated flowIPM 1C CIB 1200 V module enables manufacturers to slash their overall system's size, cost, and time to market. It also features a brake chopper with integrated gate drive as well as emitter shunts (30 m‎Ω) for vastly improved motion control.

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